Legal Talk Network Launches New Show “Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast”

The Legal Talk Network just launched a new show about the First Amendment called "Make No Law," created by Popehat founder Ken White. The show will provide a dynamic narrative of our nation's freedom of speech, complete with voice acting, actual audio snippets from Supreme Court cases, and a bit of theatrics.

Make No LawThe Legal Talk Network just launched a new, exciting show “Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast,” a creation by Ken White, founder of the popular legal blog This monthly production will bring history to life by weaving together real cases, voice acting, real accounts from real people, and all with a pinch of theatrics in this story telling narrative about our freedom of speech. Each episode includes actual audio snippets of Supreme Court justices responding to arguments in some of our nation’s most pivotal free speech cases, provided courtesy of The Oyez Project.

White says of the podcast, “My goal is a podcast that’s interesting, informative, and accessible to non-lawyers and lawyers alike”—a goal that certainly resonates with us here at Justia.

The first two episodes are available online:

Episode 1: Fighting Words
Episode 2: The Schoolhouse Gates

You can also subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, other podcast apps, or download the Legal Talk Network app.

We look forward to future episodes of this fascinating and informative new show!

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