Google “Speed Update” Now Rolling Out for All Users

Google's previously announced "Speed Update" is now rolling out to all mobile search users. Make sure that your mobile website has excellent performance, or else you may see your ranking fall!

Back in January, we posted about an announcement Google made on its Webmaster Central Blog about a new mobile ranking update which it dubbed the “Speed Update.” This update would make the mobile search rankings be more heavily influenced by mobile page speed. In its original post, Google mentioned that this update would be rolling out in July 2018. Right on schedule, Google updated their original post today to inform readers that the Speed Update is now rolling out for all users.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile page speed, you might see a drop in your rankings for users on mobile (which is rapidly becoming the highest number of searches). Make sure your website is optimized for mobile page speed using advanced technologies including AMP. Google has previously clarified that for this update, the speed of the AMP version of a page is what will count in this update for pages that have AMP, which should result in AMP pages ranking higher on mobile searches.

Justia optimizes all of our client websites and blogs for Google’s PageSpeed guidelines including setting up AMP pages for all of our client websites and blogs. If you aren’t sure whether your web developer has optimized your law firm website for Google’s “Speed Update,” request a free site audit and SEO Report today and we’ll analyze your website for a number of performance, SEO, and usability standards.

To read more about Google’s “Speed Update,” check out our original post on this topic, or the post on Google’s Webmaster Central blog.

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