Building Successful Websites: Case Studies for Mature and Emerging Markets — #io19 Live Blogs

Our first #io19 live blogged session is case studies for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from Twitter, Times Internet of India, and Hulu

Our first live blog of 2019 was focused on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).  Several of the sessions I live blogged last year was also about PWAs.  A Progressive Web App is all about bridging the gap between a web page and a native application.  Case Studies from Twitter, Hulu, and the Times Internet of India show how some of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world improved their user experiences by implementing PWAs.  Check out the video below or read our notes and check out our photos in the transcript below.

15:14 Coming up in 45 minutes
Come join us in 45 minutes for our first live blog of Google I/O 2019, Building Successful Websites: Case Studies for Mature and Emerging Markets

15:17 If you are interested in reading the description of this session, check it out here.


15:49 We’re seated and ready for the session



The web is reliable, works for everyone everywhere

16:04 The web is reliable, works for everyone, everywhere

The web has new Superpowers

16:04 The Web has new Superpowers

16:05 tokopedia: tokopedia increases conversions by 5x using AMP and PWA


16:05  terra users sharing more with Web Share API, using trusted web activities as a building block on Android

16:06 Solve real world problems for all your users


16:06 just a view of the audience


16:06 As a developer, you have a choice

16:09 hulu: User feedback + installable website + PWA on desktop


Jessar Shah and Charlie Croom from Twitter coming to the stage

16:10 We wanted to… Build a universal app while still serving the diverse needs of our customers.

16:10 Build once, ship to everyone


16:10 Dev choices that are driving business impact


16:11 Journey from mobile to desktop powered by user feedback


16:15 What about Desktop? Task driven, Powerful, Additive

16:17 Component Based Design: Progressiveness + Components

16:19 “we use React at Twitter but you can do this with any component based framework”

16:20 Progressive Enhancement isn’t just APIs, it is how you design Start with a solid foundation.  Identify your customers, how do they vary Provide progressive enhancements to reach all customers.


16:24 Rudra from Times Internet in India is discussing their PWA now

16:24 They use Intersection Observer API and Workbox for Lazy loading & perpetual scroll, and offline cache

16:25 NBT PWA getting a 100 on Lighthouse, impressive

16:25 Prompt when users are most engaged: 250k PWAs added to homescreen in a month 90% of overall A2HS

16:26 average marketing cost for installing an android or ios app is 4800 rupees per install

16:26 31% increase in average session duration

16:27 59% increase in ad network revenue

16:27 So what’s next? PWA available in 6 more languages

16:29 Matt Doyle from Hulu takes the stage

16:31 Hulu on desktop in September of 2018 they relaunched on desktop

16:31 Build once, ship to everyone

16:32 users say the website is better than the legacy app from 2015

16:32 people kept using the desktop app even though they hated it because it was installable


16:33 Challenges


16:33 PWA Scope

16:35 It took just 1 developer 2 weeks to get the basic version of the hulu pwa

16:36 How did we do? 96% of legacy app users were migrated to PWA since January 27% increase in return visits

16:36 Reviewers love the hulu PWA

16:37 install the PWA by going to

16:38 Recap Time


16:38 Twitter: Move to one codebase


16:39 Times Internet: Focus on performance


16:40 “I just want a good experience”

16:40 That’s it for this session, we’ll have more live blogs tomorrow!

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