When your firm has grown beyond a few people in a small office, instant messaging can help keep communication flowing amongst your attorneys and office staff, but which service should you use? In this first post in our new series on building collaboration within your firm, we review several popular instant messaging services, and identify the pros and cons of each one.

The speed in which your web pages load is of utmost importance to your search engine optimization, and more importantly, for your users. In this article we discuss some of the best practices for improving your web page performance, as well as tools you can use to test the performance of your site.

Bright and early on Day 3 of Google I/O 2017 and I find myself in the second row of a session on HTTPS Everywhere. I’ve blogged about the HTTPS Everywhere initiative a few times before, but I was eager to see how Google thinks the movement to a more secure web is going.

Google has long evangelized the importance of increasing performance of your website, especially when it comes to mobile users. On the second day of Google I/O 2017, we live blogged a session about understanding the metrics you need to measure to understand what most affects users.

During the AMP Keynote on Day 1 of Google I/O 2017 we were presented with the concept of Progressive Web AMPs, the ability to combine Accelerated Mobile Pages with Progressive Web Apps. On Day 2 we were given a deep dive into the subject, and we were there to live blog it.

We’ve talked previously on this blog about how structured data and rich snippets. At Google I/O 2017 there was a session about how you can use Structured Data and Rich Snippets to stand out in Google Search. We were there to live blog the session.

Web Components are a means of creating reusable encapsulated components to push the web platform further. While Web Components are a native concept, not all browsers support it yet, and they can still be quite difficult to use. Polymer, the javascript library by Google, solves both problems, and this year at I/O Google Announced Polymer 2.0. We were there in the crowd, live blogging. #UseThePlatform

In general, web-based marketing is all about getting search engines to index your content. However, there are certain circumstances when you may not want search engines to index some of your content. Learn about the robots exclusion standard, when and how to use it, and some of the nuances associated with using it and other exclusion protocols as part of your overall marketing strategy.