Moving your site to HTTPS isn’t just a good idea, it is vital to your success, but doing so presents some challenges that you may not be aware of. Here we outline some of the challenges you’ll face and issues you need to pay attention to when you add HTTPS to your site.

2016 was an eventful year in online marketing, and 2017 promises to introduce even more changes. From real-time Google filter updates to how search engines handled the indexing of fake news sites, we take a look back at the landscape of SEO last year and offer thoughts on what to expect in 2017.

Search engines have long tried to extrapolate meaning from the content of your web pages. While they have gotten pretty good at it, it is easier for them if you can be explicit in the meaning of your content. The best way to do that is by using structured data. In this post we explain what Structured Data is, and how you can implement it in your content.

Today, Google introduced Google Assistant, a voice-activated personal assistant, joining Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana), and Amazon (Alexa) in the battle for the best digital assistant. At first glance, Google Assistant boasts some advantages and a few possible disadvantages with respect to its competitors. Learn how to access Google Assistant now, and discover how this newest digital assistant might affect your SEO in ways that others haven’t done.

I’m often asked if I know any decent apps for writing blog posts on the iPhone or iPad. Until recently I’ve had to answer that I did not, but in hopes of not having to answer that way again, I set off on a quest to rectify that. After trying a large number of iOS […]

We want to encourage everyone to check out Justia Legal Answers, an online forum we recently launched to help consumers connect with attorneys. How it Works It’s easy! Just enter a legal question in the Ask a Lawyer form located at Justia Legal Answers or in the right-hand column of many Justia pages. Anyone can […]