A key component of a strong SEO strategy for lawyers is having high-quality content. While it is important for lawyers to market themselves effectively and describe their qualifications and relevant experience, they should be aware of the lawyer advertising rules that might pertain to them, restricting or otherwise regulating what they might say. The information included in this blog post is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.

Read about how lawyers and law firms can transform their Internet marketing efforts into a top-notch, effective website. Some of these tips are intended to make your site easy to use on multiple devices, from computers to tablets to mobile phones. Others are basic tips regarding functionality and design. A must-read for lawyers with websites.

Lawyers who are already taking advantage of lawyer directories as a way of marketing themselves to broader audiences are already a step ahead the rest. With a little bit of time and effort, lawyers can make even better use of these online directories by updating their profiles with some basic information to increase their visibility and the likelihood of being contacted by prospective clients.

It is crucial for lawyers new to blogging to be very thoughtful when deciding the scope of their blog. Choosing too broad of a topic, or too many topics, can be confusing for the readers and could even hurt the SEO of the blog. On the other hand, choosing a topic too narrow can make it difficult to write regular, high-quality posts.

High-quality content is essential for lawyers who wish to use their websites as an effective marketing tool. While there is no magic formula for producing content that will appeal to readers and also perform well in search results, we have found that certain components consistently make legal content readable and searchable: legal substance, originality, length, keyword density, and connection to the reader.

‘Art’ is not new, ‘Design’ is not new, but Website Design is, mainly because the Web itself is relatively new. While theoretically in existence as early as the 1940s, it was established in reality in 1990. At that time, design had very little to do with Web pages, information was king, and the Web was […]

Creating a Facebook cover photo for your profile page can be difficult. The cover photo dimensions (i.e., 851 pixels x 315 pixels) require a long and narrow crop from a standard photo. If you are still searching for that ideal image to show your love for law and government, we have you covered. Justia is […]

These days, more attorneys are appreciating the value and benefits of publishing a legal blog. Blogging helps lawyers share their industry knowledge, analysis and commentary. It also grants them recognition as a contributor to the greater legal blogging community. As a result, new blogs pop up nearly everyday in Google search results. On the plus […]

Legal bloggers commonly put a lot of time and effort into writing insightful posts full of great commentary and analysis, but then they quickly write a short blog post title as an afterthought. As a result, they are passing up a great opportunity to improve the quality of the blog. In this post, I’ll explain […]

The ABA Law Practice Management Section will host its two-day Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference in Philadelphia this year on November 8th and 9th. The conference offers attendees an opportunity to learn about law firm marketing, including new and emerging topics, as well as best practices in legal marketing for lawyers and law firms. Highlights […]