For the current generation of college graduates, consulting Google for romantic, travel or career advice may seem like second nature. Should you go to law school? Sure, you can discuss your plans with your parents, friends, and professors. But, what does Google say? And, if you made that fateful decision to attend law school, how […]

We want to encourage everyone to check out Justia Legal Answers, an online forum we recently launched to help consumers connect with attorneys. How it Works It’s easy! Just enter a legal question in the Ask a Lawyer form located at Justia Legal Answers or in the right-hand column of many Justia pages. Anyone can […]

When I am involved in a one-on-one discussion regarding twitter, one of the first questions I am asked is “How many followers do you have?” My answer of 23,000 generally spawns rapid fire questions of “Who the heck are you?”, “How did you get that many people following you?” and finally “How do you read […]

The Pew Internet & American Life Project issued a 2010 update on the use of the Internet for product and service research. According to the findings, the number of American adults who researched products and services online when considering a purchase has grown from 49% in 2004 to 56% in 2010. In addition, Pew measured […]

Hi Friends, In early December, Justia and the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School setup a pre-beta version of “Legal Birds” of legal twitterers and their tweets, and integrated twitter feeds into the attorney profile pages in our Lawyer Directory. We have now enhanced the twitter section with graphical tools, community-building functions and better […]

Hi Friends, Justia and the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School have been building a lawyer directory the last few months to help individuals, families and businesses find lawyers and legal service organizations. (See the Justia Lawyer Directory and the LII Lawyer Directory). We are happy to announce that this project will be moving […]

Hi Friends, Kevin O’Keefe and the LexBlog team have updated the design and features of the LexBlog’s “Real Lawyers Have Blogs” Blog. LexBlog has changed the blog into a resource center for legal bloggers, with a Chicago Cubs look and feel 🙂 Very nice… check it out (like we do every day 🙂 Peace, Tim […]


Hi Friends, Cicely traveled up to Bellingham, Washington to meet with a new client Anderson, Connell & Carey to check out what the Bellingham work environment of ocean views and clean air is really like. Debra Sheldon stands outside the office 🙂 Riley hangs out on the deck (more photos below). Clean air, just like […]