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For the current generation of college graduates, consulting Google for romantic, travel or career advice may seem like second nature. Should you go to law school? Sure, you can discuss your plans with your parents, friends, and professors. But, what does Google say? And, if you made that fateful decision to attend law school, how […]

Hi Friends, In early December, Justia and the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School setup a pre-beta version of “Legal Birds” of legal twitterers and their tweets, and integrated twitter feeds into the attorney profile pages in our Lawyer Directory. We have now enhanced the twitter section with graphical tools, community-building functions and better […]

Hi Friends, Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool now gives the search approximate monthly search volume for different keywords. You can read more about this new feature on the Google AdWords Blog here. And here are a few words and their approximate monthly search volume 4,090,000 Lawyer 7,480,000 Attorney 1,000,000 Law Firm 7,480,000 Legal 20,400,000 Law Of […]

Hi Friends, Welcome to our take on the blawgosphere in this Blawg Review #112 of the review of blawgs. It has been a fun week of reading blogs and interesting posts. Many thanks to the Blawg Review editors for giving us this opportunity to write this week’s Blawg Review. It is impossible to cover all […]

Hi Friends, LexBlog‘s Kevin O’Keefe called it…. Avvo is live. Nice clean graphics and fonts that look like Google Analytics (bold Arial). The focus is on the attorney, not the law firm, and listings are free. There will be additional advertising and featured placements for law firms to purchase in the future. Key features:From what […]

Google Maps now offers real-time traffic conditions via a Traffic text button. This button may be found in the upper right-hand corner of the map where the other buttons are located for alternating between the Map, Satellite and Hybrid views. Here’s the secret algorithm for decoding the colors: Green: more than 50 miles per hour […]

How do you describe your practice areas on your law firm website or blog? One way would be to carryover the phrases your firm had successfully used in a magazine or yellow pages ad. When I flipped through the Valley Yellow Pages today, I noticed that the personal injury attorney ads exclusively used the term […]


Photos can make your website or blog stand out. You may wish to display photos of the attorneys in your firm, photos to simplify legal concepts, or photos to highlight certain points. However, you should be mindful of legal, aesthetic and technical issues before spicing up your website or blog. Legal. While Google Images is […]

When discussing successful case outcomes on a blawg, lawyers may have some difficulty striking the proper balance. If you get overly detailed and technical, you’ll weigh down your blog post. You also don’t want to disclose client confidences or breach a confidentiality clause to a settlement agreement. However, details matter for the simple reason that […]

Amazon recently named Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail as the best business book of 2006. Perhaps, there’s no easier way to illustrate the long tail than to prepare a long tail graph yourself. And, it isn’t that difficult either! First, sign in to your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is a great (and free!) program […]