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Bright and early on Day 3 of Google I/O 2017 and I find myself in the second row of a session on HTTPS Everywhere. I’ve blogged about the HTTPS Everywhere initiative a few times before, but I was eager to see how Google thinks the movement to a more secure web is going.

Google has long evangelized the importance of increasing performance of your website, especially when it comes to mobile users. On the second day of Google I/O 2017, we live blogged a session about understanding the metrics you need to measure to understand what most affects users.

During the AMP Keynote on Day 1 of Google I/O 2017 we were presented with the concept of Progressive Web AMPs, the ability to combine Accelerated Mobile Pages with Progressive Web Apps. On Day 2 we were given a deep dive into the subject, and we were there to live blog it.

We’ve talked previously on this blog about how structured data and rich snippets. At Google I/O 2017 there was a session about how you can use Structured Data and Rich Snippets to stand out in Google Search. We were there to live blog the session.

Web Components are a means of creating reusable encapsulated components to push the web platform further. While Web Components are a native concept, not all browsers support it yet, and they can still be quite difficult to use. Polymer, the javascript library by Google, solves both problems, and this year at I/O Google Announced Polymer 2.0. We were there in the crowd, live blogging. #UseThePlatform