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Today, Google introduced Google Assistant, a voice-activated personal assistant, joining Apple (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana), and Amazon (Alexa) in the battle for the best digital assistant. At first glance, Google Assistant boasts some advantages and a few possible disadvantages with respect to its competitors. Learn how to access Google Assistant now, and discover how this newest digital assistant might affect your SEO in ways that others haven’t done.

Bob, the short-lived Microsoft assistant, has met his match. Windows Live, Microsoft’s search engine, now sports an edition anchored by Ms. Dewey. Bob, meet Ms. Dewey. Before you start optimizing your websites for Ms. Dewey, know that the Ms. Dewey search engine is better suited for entertainment purposes rather than every day use. Like all […]

Amazon recently named Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail as the best business book of 2006. Perhaps, there’s no easier way to illustrate the long tail than to prepare a long tail graph yourself. And, it isn’t that difficult either! First, sign in to your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics is a great (and free!) program […]

Hi Friends, Another day, more free Google stuff. Google today formally released their free hosted domain services for business (you can read the press release and the Wall Street Journal Article). It includes email and Website tools for your domain, as well as a calendar and chat services. We were in the beta last May […]

What happens when billions of web pages link to click here? Google aggregates all the click here links so that if anyone actually searched for that term, we know that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the #1 click here search result. This isn’t because Adobe is optimizing their web site for click here. Instead, a lot […]

Back in July, I compared Google Maps v. MSN Virtual Earth. Since then, Microsoft has refreshed their product and rebranded it as Microsoft Local Live. I guess Microsoft Local would sound too much like Yahoo! Local or Google Local. No better way to innovate and lead the industry than to add a “Live” tag to […]

Lately, Google and Yahoo have been unveiling competing products in a battle for Internet users. After one company unveils a new offering, the other will often come out with a similar product shortly thereafter. Well, it appears that Microsoft is looking to join into the fray – and I’m not talking about the dueling lawsuits […]

Yesterday, Chris Fontes, the Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at FindLaw, notified law firms that FindLaw was shutting down their law firm web sites. In his e-mail, Fontes explained, “For the last several years, FindLaw has been hosting a Web site for you at no charge…. Because of technical and business constraints, we are no […]

A multi-billion dollar technology company has unveiled the latest wrinkle in search engine functionality. However, this time, we’re talking about Microsoft, not Google. Surprised? Starting from, I ran a search for law firm web design. Similarly, I can run the same law firm web design search from MSN Search. Continue reading

Hi Friends, Well like everyone else, I have decided to take a flight around the USA with Google Maps and post some pictures. But first check out Paul Rademacher’s combination of Google Maps with Craig’s List Apartment Rental Listings. Now on to the photos…. Wrigley Field in Chicago The Bellagio and Bellagio Fountains in Las […]

Hi Friends, GMail turned 1 today. Google increased GMail’s storage immediately to 1.5GB (for my accounts at least), with plans to increase to 2GB (as stated on CNET and others) and then… Infinity + 1GB (or at least… more). In any case Google has again pulled ahead of Yahoo! in the “we offer more free […]