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When your firm has grown beyond a few people in a small office, instant messaging can help keep communication flowing amongst your attorneys and office staff, but which service should you use? In this first post in our new series on building collaboration within your firm, we review several popular instant messaging services, and identify the pros and cons of each one.

Build a Web Site. You cannot revolutionize your web site until you have one. If you are still wavering on this, consider the many consumer opinion websites that have sprouted up as of late that rate local businesses. I can develop a first impression about your business either from your website or from the comments […]

Back in July, I compared Google Maps v. MSN Virtual Earth. Since then, Microsoft has refreshed their product and rebranded it as Microsoft Local Live. I guess Microsoft Local would sound too much like Yahoo! Local or Google Local. No better way to innovate and lead the industry than to add a “Live” tag to […]

Hi Friends, A new Pew Internet study shows that search engines are now being used by even more Americans. Here is a quick summary from the report. 60 million American adults are using search engines on a typical day. Continue reading

Searching for a law-oriented web log (or “blog”) is not a straight-forward process. The standard search engines offer a number of different ways to locate a blog, which we will compare with the new Google Blog Search that came out today. To show you how to track down a blog, let’s continue from yesterday’s post […]

Lately, Google and Yahoo have been unveiling competing products in a battle for Internet users. After one company unveils a new offering, the other will often come out with a similar product shortly thereafter. Well, it appears that Microsoft is looking to join into the fray – and I’m not talking about the dueling lawsuits […]

Do your clients have difficulty finding your law firm? A few years ago, just listing your street address may have been enough. Then, businesses started offering links to MapQuest or screen captures from Yahoo! Maps. And, that was help. Well, Google unveiled the lastest upgrade in maps by allowing you to embed Google Maps on […]

Hi Friends, As I noted in my previous post on PodCasts, Apple was planning to add PodCast support into the iTunes Music Store. Well that day has arrived! And you can now submit your own PodCasts to the Apple iTunes Music Store, where others can find them for play on iTunes or their iPod. And […]

Hi Friends, The Justia gang has listed a set of the legal marketing blogs (and few other selected blogs that periodically mention legal marketing) we like to read and has set up a site of links to their most recent posts (updated throughout the day and night). The URL is Continue reading

Hi Friends, I was working on setting up some PodCasts to be added to Stark & Stark‘s Web site by way of their LexBlog produced New Jersey Law Blog and Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog and thought I would share some of the basic information (search Google on PodCasting for more information :). WHAT IS […]